(416) 451-1490 justin@eclipsetint.ca
Hi, my name is Justin Boulding, and I am the owner of Eclipse Tint. We specialize in window tinting vehicles and clear shields. In fact, not only am I the owner, but I am also the one who tints your car! I have been tinting cars for over 30 years and I started in this trade before anyone could even buy a tint cutter.  I am an artist by trade and before using a computer to cut the film, I would cut everything by hand, and perfectly.
Do you know who is tinting your car? Do you know how long they have been tinting? Are you allowed to be there watching them as they tint? Probably not. Most places don’t want customers to see them working on their cars.  Do you take your car to just any mechanic? Then why would you for your tint?  I offer quality work, judged by my own high standards, and a variety of high quality films to fit your budget.  I like to get to know my customers and I welcome you into my shop to meet me and hang out as I tint your car.  My goal is to make you a happy and repeat customer. Don’t forget to ask us about our Yamahama and TDSB employee discounts. Thanks, Justin B

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